Aino Health AB (publ)

Trade nameAINO
Stockholm County, municipality of StockholmStockholm County, municipality of Stockholm
Company registration number559063-5073
Date of incorporation21 May 2016
Date when the company began operations21 May 2016
Country of incorporationSweden
Place of registered officeStockholm
Type of businessPublic limited liability company
JurisdictionSwedish law and the Swedish Companies Act
Addressc/o Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan 36, SE-111 57 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone+46 20 482 482

Aino Health Sweden AB

Country of incorporationSweden
Company in which the subsidiary operatesSweden
Company registration number559075-8826
Ownership share100%

Aino Health Germany GmbH

Country of incorporationGermany
Company in which the subsidiary operatesGermany
Company registration numberHRB 148853
Ownership share100%

Aino Health Management Oy

Country of incorporationFinland
Company in which the subsidiary operatesFinland
Company registration number0981823-9
Ownership share100%

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