Article 19 MAR establishes rules regarding transactions performed by persons discharging managerial responsibilities (PDMRs) and related parties.

A PDMR is anyone who is a member of Aino Health AB (publ)’s administrative, management or supervisory bodies, or top-level executives who are not members of the aforementioned bodies, who have regular access to insider information and the authority to make managerial decisions that impact on the future development and business opportunities of the company.

Pursuant to Article 19 MAR, Aino Health AB (publ) has an obligation to:

  • keep a list of all PDMRs and related parties.
  • notify all PDMRs in writing about their obligations pursuant to MAR Article 19.

Pursuant to Article 19 MAR, PDMRs have an obligation to:

  • report any changes in shares or financial instruments issued by Aino Health AB (publ) and other related financial instruments, without delay, and at the latest three business days after the date of the transaction, to Sweden’s financial supervisory authority and the Company.
  • notify all related parties in writing about their obligations pursuant to MAR Article 19.

The reporting duty also includes changes made in insurance solutions where the investment responsibility falls upon the policy holder (such as capital insurance).

In reporting of transactions, there is a threshold of EUR 5,000 per calendar year. The transaction that equals or exceeds the threshold and all subsequent transactions during the calendar year are to be reported. Disposals and acquisitions are not reported in net.

A PDMR is also encompassed by trading bans covering financial instruments issued by the Company during a closed period of 30 days before the disclosure of an interim report or year-end report

Click on the link below to access the PDMR transaction register of Sweden’s financial supervisory authority:


Persons discharging managerial responsibilities

(updated september 30 2023)

Klas BondeChairman135 000
Jyrki EklundBoard Member/CEO3 888 720
Tanja IlicBoard Member14 250
Daniel KoobBoard Member12 500
Troy SudaBoard Member0
Roland NorbergBoard Member43 101 230*

*Roland Norberg is chairman of the board of Norberg & Partner Sustainable Group, which owns 43,101,230 shares in Aino.

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