Aino Health launches work ability and health management service desk for managers


Aino Health is launching a new service that will support managers as an effective first point of contact in daily activities regarding work ability and health management.

Aino will offer the service as a multichannel service, in the first phase through their service center. The calls are being answered by our qualified health care and work life professionals. The service will be available via chat-service later.

Manager support is designed for fast, easy and effective support for managers in daily corporate health management challenges. Additionally, the service will support in questions related to special work ability issues and Aino’s services such as HealthManager.

Main benefits of the new service are to help managers to achieve better operational results and enhance their leadership skills by bringing a fast contact channel regarding daily activities around corporate health management. Manager support will enhance good management practices, release organization HR’s time for development projects, and help organizations to implement corporate health management processes into action. Aino’s manager support will guarantee equal support regardless of the location of managers.

“Based on good experience from the successful Aino Health Desk service and customer feedback we see that there is a huge demand for this kind of a service for managers. Managers’ role in work ability and health management is really crucial and we see that it’s important to support managers in action. Good leadership has also positive impact to absences and risk for early retirement”, says Ilkka Puikkonen, Director service operations and marketing at Aino Health Management Oy. “The new service is a great extension to our service center. At the moment we are fine tuning the details of the service with our clients and are ready to launch the service this spring in Finland”, says Puikkonen.

Manager support will be launched in Spring 2018 in Finland.

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