Aino Health provided If with solutions to the challenges of corporate health management


Aino Health provided If with consulting services to solve the challenges of work ability and health management. A current status analysis, Business Health Index was carried out and root causes for sickness absences in consumer customer service were analyzed.

– There was a concern in the customer service of If’s Finnish consumer customers service about the sickness absenteeism. The organization needed to understand more deeply the big picture and what was influencing the absences. We wanted to get a better understanding of the issues needed to be addressed in order to increase work well-being in our customer service. With Aino Health, we got a good understanding of the current situation and a comprehensive analysis of possible actions to take, says Mikko Virmasalo, Head of Customer Center of If.

– It has been great to work with If, and we have been very pleased with the cooperation. It has been great to see that If is motivated to develop well-being at work and the entire management team of Finnish consumer customer services are committed to make changes for the better. Management commitment and internal cooperation within the organization are the most important preconditions for positive changes, says Markku Pitkänen, Country Manager of Aino Health Finland.

Aino’s consulting service, Business Health Index, focuses on mapping the current state of corporate health management processes, operating models and practices and provides recommendations to improve the current state. In addition, Aino’s consulting services help customers to overcome other work ability and work well-being challenges.

If assures everything that is valuable in life: people, animals, homes, cars and more. If also helps companies to secure their operations when the damage occurs. If’s 6 800 highly skilled employees ensure that 3.7 million customers in the Nordic and Baltic countries get the help they need and the right security – if something happens. If belongs to the Sampo Group.

For more information:

Markku Pitkänen, Country Manager Aino Health Finland
Phone: +358 40 838 1587

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