Aino tests the fitness level of Finavia’s rescue employees


Aino Health Management will continue to carry out fitness tests for Finavia’s rescue employees and provide them with training on fitness maintenance and improvement. The agreement on fitness test services was signed on 18 November 2015.

Aino and Finavia have been cooperating since 2010. During their long partnership, they have created well-established test practices that ensure equal treatment and reliable results. The tests are carried out by professionals with qualifications in fitness testing and the use of test software.

Airport employees are required to have certain qualifications for their duties. For example, firefighters and rescue employees must pass a specific test. The number of employees who passed the test was highest in 2010. Enhanced training was organised for the employees who failed. “After six months of training, most of the employees passed the test with regard to oxygen uptake,” says Jarmo Iisakka, Head of Sales and Marketing at Aino.

Aino is a leading provider of fitness test services in Finland. It is also responsible for developing fitness test software, such as FireFit and MilFit, for specialised fields. “Our cooperation with Aino has proved that their services and expertise meet our needs,” says Veli-Matti Sääskilahti, Head of Rescue and Firefighting at Finavia.

Fitness tests for airport employees

Muscle fitness tests are organised at airports using Aino’s mobile testing equipment. These include bicycle ergometer tests using a calibrated, medically precise ergometer (DAUM ergo_bike Medical 8i_2) and the FireFit software (indirect sub-maximal test with four-minute periods).

The muscle fitness test includes pull-ups, squats (45 kg), bench presses (45 kg) and sit-ups. The participants are provided with personal feedback, printouts and exercise guidelines and recommendations.

A partner for effective health management

Aino Health Management Ltd serves as a partner for results-focused health management. When a company invests in its employees’ work ability and the effective management of its health-related costs, its results improve. Aino provides companies with tools for managing sickness absences and risks related to working capacity, improving work ability and optimising healthcare services:

– Expert services for managers for optimising the content, efficiency and cost of healthcare

– Management systems and healthcare telephone services for reducing the number of sickness absences and managing work ability risks

– Services for analysing and permanently improving employees’ working capacity and reducing the risk of work disability.

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