Apetit uses Aino solutions to improve well-being at work


Apetit Plc and Aino Health Management Ltd are extending their cooperation to include the Aino HealthDesk telephone service, the Aino HealthManager system and the Medical Director service.

“We carried out an Aino HealthAudit at Apetit in 2015. We identified some development needs, which we then began to address systematically. Apetit wanted to develop management tools, as well as more effective operating methods for cooperation with occupational healthcare, sickness absence management, early support and work ability management in general. We tackled this challenge together, using clear quality and financial indicators,” says Markku Pitkänen, COO at Aino Health Management.

The implementation was carried out rapidly, thanks to the excellent project team. “It was great to see how quickly agreement was reached and the services were put into operation. We had a highly committed project team,” says Pitkänen.

“The services have now been provided for a few months, with very good results,” says Johanna Heikkilä, HR Director at Apetit. “We used knowledge to improve management and adopt a more systematic approach to early intervention. The Medical Director service has provided us with practical expertise in developing health management processes and enabled supervisors to provide early support. Our number of sickness absences is already decreasing,” says Heikkilä.

Aino HealthDesk helps employees rapidly and conveniently

The Aino HealthDesk telephone service offers employees health advice with regard to acute cases of illness, for example. This enables companies help their employees and prompt treatment when necessary. If an employee comes down with the flu, they can focus on getting better and do not necessarily have to spend time on getting a certificate of sickness absence from a doctor.

Read more about Aino HealthDesk here.

Apetit Plc is a Finnish food industry company providing consumers with healthy, flavoursome foods that are based on locally sourced raw materials. The Apetit Group’s business areas are Food Solutions, Grain Trade, Oilseed Products and Seafood.

Its shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. Apetit operates in the northern Baltic Sea region. In 2015, its net sales were EUR 381 million, and it had an average of 725 employees.

Aino Health Management Ltd serves as a partner for results-focused health management. When a company invests in its employees’ work ability and the effective management of its health-related costs, its results improve. Aino provides companies with tools for managing sickness absences and risks related to working capacity, improving work ability and optimising healthcare services:

Expert services for managers for optimising the content, efficiency and cost of healthcare
Management systems for managing and reporting work ability and work ability risks
Services for analysing and permanently improving employees’ working capacity and reducing the risk of work disability

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