City of Vaasa starts using Aino health management services


The City of Vaasa and Aino Health Management start working together in the development of health management. The home care unit of elder care services in the City of Vaasa will start using Aino work ability management services supported by the Aino HealthDesk telephone service and the Aino HealthManager system.

Through the use of Aino services, the City of Vaasa is able to improve the efficiency of its health management culture and practices. Key objectives are:

  • to provide employees with understanding of their current work ability
  • to offer recommendations/instructions for life style changes
  • to improve service productivity and work motivation
  • to reduce sick leave

During service piloting, all phases of the work ability management services will be implemented, but they will be directed to a limited predefined group. Taking approximately a year, the pilot will involve 110 employees from the home care unit of elder care services.

The Aino work ability management service consists of four phases (electronic health check-up, health analysis, reporting and any referral to further treatment). The Aino HealthDesk and Aino HealthManager help to speed up the referral process and to connect occupational healthcare services as a fixed part of work ability management services.

“It is important to the City of Vaasa that employees of elder care services feel well. A high work ability and motivation are directly reflected in the quality of the care and treatment we offer. Investing in health management services indicates how important elder care is to the City of Vaasa,” says Leif Holmlund, home care director of the City of Vaasa.

Aino Health Management solutions for sick leave management and occupational healthcare efficiency offer benefits both to the city’s HR management and employees.

“Aino Health Management solutions that improve the work ability form the basis of modern and cost-effective work ability management and leadership. Aino has conducted more than one million health-improving measurements, and the solution has been modelled together with Finland’s leading physicians to respond to customers’ needs. We help our customers to achieve cost savings and to improve the efficiency of their activities by adopting health management as an everyday operating model,” says Jarmo Iisakka, head of marketing and sales at Aino Health Management.

Aino Health Management acts as a partner for its customers in productive health management. The company improves its results as companies care for the working ability of their employees and keep health-related costs effectively under control. Using tools provided by Aino, companies are able to keep sick leave and working ability risks under control, improve the physical condition of their employees and optimise healthcare services:

– Expert management services for optimising the content, effectiveness and costs of occupational healthcare

– Management systems and health-related call services for reducing sick leave and controlling working ability risks

– Services for the analysis and permanent improvement of the working ability of the personnel and for reducing the risk of disability pensions

Additional information:

Aino Health Management Oy

Jarmo Iisakka, head of sales and marketing, tel. +358 40 706 7908

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