DNA invests in quality and productivity in management of occupational health


DNA and Aino Health Management will be working closer together in the management of occupational health and the working ability as DNA adopts the Aino HealthManagermanagement system in its full scope.

The partnership was launched in October 2015 through the Aino HealthAudit, as a result of which DNA was able to cost-effectively identify its potential savings in health-related costs, the functionality of its processes related to the management of sick leave and the operation of its healthcare partner network in relation to its needs. On the basis of the audit, DNA has prepared a concrete action plan, which it is now about to enter into practice.

Aino HealthManager monitors the working ability of the personnel and the impact of different actions on its development. The effectiveness of the system is based on streamlined practices in the registration of sick leave and cooperation between the company’s organisation and occupational healthcare services.

“It is important to us to keep short and recurring sick leave under control within our company. And to do this in as high-quality and productive a manner as possible. Aino HealthManagerprovides us with all the management tools we need, together with monitoring and reporting features, allowing us to lead by knowledge,” says Riitta Vuoristo, HR manager at DNA.

The sick leave management and effective occupational healthcare solutions of Aino Health Management produce benefits for the management, HR administration and employees.

“We help our customers to achieve cost savings and improve the efficiency of their operations by adopting health management as a daily management method. We supply management systems and expert services following the turnkey principle, and we also monitor the functionality and cost-effectiveness of our customers’ processes, together with their personnel. Above all, we want to be a business partner, also for DNA,” says Jarmo Iisakka, head of sales and marketing at Aino Health Management.

In 2015, DNA’s turnover stood at EUR 828.8 million and its operating profit was EUR 73.1 million. DNA has more than 3.7 million mobile and fixed subscription customers. DNA provides private customers with diverse data services for contacting, security and entertainment. To its corporate customers, DNA offers safe and high-quality communications and customer network services that are easy to enter into use.

Aino Health Management acts as a partner for its customers in productive health management. The company improves its results as companies care for the working ability of their employees and keep health-related costs effectively under control. Using tools provided by Aino, companies are able to keep sick leave and working ability risks under control, improve the physical condition of their employees and optimise healthcare services:

– Expert management services for optimising the content, effectiveness and costs of occupational healthcare

– Management systems and health-related call services for reducing sick leave and controlling working ability risks

– Services for the analysis and permanent improvement of the working ability of the personnel and for reducing the risk of disability pensions

Additional information:

Aino Health Management Oy

Jarmo Iisakka, head of sales and marketing, tel. +358 40 706 7908

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