Health Management – a hot topic in Germany


We get to know Peter Seeger, the Managing Director of Aino Health Germany and find out what it takes to establish a solid footprint on the German corporate health-market.

Can you briefly tell me what Aino Health does?

It is a truly unique company. I have spent many years as a manager within the IT-business, but this is different. Aino Health has a unique setup of knowledge and the tools to support companies regarding preventive health care. We have a measurable solution that help you analyze and follow up on each employee´s well-being and turn around a potentially bad development.

Why is Corporate Health Management so important?

Finding a way to prevent long term sick-leave is a big challenge for many companies today and Corporate Health Management is on the agenda of every manager. They are all aware of the problem and try their best to take action, but they don’t have the right tools for it. You could say that they might have the toolbox for it, but they lack the complex IT-solution that is needed to go through with it. Corporate Health Management is all about making a company a great place to work, with happy and healthy people.

Which is the most common question that you get about Corporate Health Management?

It is how management should handle the increasing burn-out problems. How do you find, approach and reduce the aspects?

Can you describe your first months at Aino Health?

Aino Health is still quite new on the German market, only a few months in. As a manager, I like all the aspects of the build-up process. In the beginning, I invested a lot of my time explaining Aino´s main topics to many people, both in business and among my friends. Since we started our business here, we have worked our way inside the German regulations and we are making the right connections. I think that we have also found a great way of working with our Swedish and Finnish colleagues.

It is very appealing to me – taking the strong message behind the Aino-brand to the market along with all the talented colleagues of mine.

What are your thoughts on building a new organization?

To win and become number one in your business field, you have to build a competitive and strong organization, that is up for the challenge ahead. In parallel with meeting new customers. As you enter a new market, it is all about being open for new ideas and to find the connections that will help you build the network you need. We have done a lot of interviews with people in the business – to find out who can help us in this process. After all, it is all about winning deals and growing stronger as an organization. Right now, my focus is to grow our footprint – starting from the northern part of Germany in Hamburg where our office is located.

…and how far have you come in this build-up process?

Many things are happening right now in Germany and the doors are wide open on the Health Management-topic. We are getting very positive feedback from the companies we meet, because they know we are bringing something good to them. The discussions are really open here in Germany, so I am positive about our progress.

With your experience from CSC among other large companies – what is your contribution at Aino Health?

I have completed many sales over the years and I have been in charge of large international business negotiations. I think that my work in different regions of the world, such as Europe and India, is a great experience that will help me do a better job at Aino Health.

I am open minded as a manager, in that sense that I am not afraid of different attitudes and I am always open for discussion. I have worked closely with several industry sectors, so I have a useful outside-perspective. I would say that I, with my life experience, have a relaxed attitude and a good balance between life and work at the moment.

Why will Aino Health succeed in Germany?

Because we are the only ones. We have a unique set of knowledge to offer and things are moving quite fast at the moment. Right now, we have a situation where people are contacting us for discussions and meetings. We want to take this one step further, by sharing our strengths with the market and stay number one.

Do you have any news to share at the moment, from the German market?

It is truly amazing how fast things are moving right now. I have just finished a two-day workshop with a new prospect and last Friday I had an interesting meeting with a hospital group here in Germany. I have been back from vacation for a week and I have already many new meetings in my calendar with potential clients.

What are the main strategies in Germany, looking ahead?

To help our future clients build social sustainability in their business. It is the very foundation for success and we have proven before that our services and knowledge works. Time is working in our favor regarding the new sustainability regulations that are coming up. This is what the highest ranked consulting companies are talking about right now and we are already prepared according to the new EU-regulations.

The next step for us is to win the first client!

What does the future look like, for Aino Health, from your point of view?

My vision is that Aino will be shining like a diamond within our business area and that this will be a reality as soon as possible in Germany, when our hard work pays off.

About Peter Seeger

Family: married and one child

Age: 53

Lives: In Husum

Experience: Sales Executive/Director for CSC and several management positions at Accenture, Capgemini, Hewlett Packard, Cognizant and OpusCapita. At Aino Health since June, 2017.

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