New version of Aino HealthManager released on 16 February 2016


The 3.0 user interface update to Aino HealthManager was released on 16 February 2016. The update accelerates the system and improves usability and reporting. New features also include language versions and mobile use.

Aino HealthManager 3.0 is easier to use than the previous version, even in terms of its appearance. Only the essential information is displayed, and the search functions have been enhanced, which makes the system run even faster than before. The responsive system adapts to different screen sizes, including smartphone and tablet screens.

The system is now available in Finnish and English, and translation services are available for company-specific forms and letters. Supervisor reports are now found in the browser, and PDF printouts have been removed. In addition, the importing of employee data has been improved.

Earlier key improvements include better management of early intervention (8/2015), occupational health surveys and analyses (3/2015), the division of employees between several occupational healthcare operators (8/2014) and customer-specific forms (6/2013).

New reporting functionalities

The key performance indicator (KPI) provides the user with information about sickness absences among the core group, calculated as sickness absence days per employee. In the new version, the KPI also indicates the number of sickness absences in relation to the number of employees, along with development indicators, and classification based on absences. In addition, the reports include
statistics about developments in the number of early intervention cases, as well as the utilisation
rate of HealthDesk with regard to absences.

Reporting in HealthManager consists of the KPI, the standard report view and customer-specific report views. Issues that need to be addressed are highlighted in the reports, which also indicate causalities related to the issues presented. Reports can be created based on the standard report
views or dashboard report views tailored to customers’ needs.

The new reporting functionalities were introduced after the user interface update in early February. Internet Explorer users must have version 10 or a later version of the browser.

Efficiency, cost savings and improved work ability

Aino HealthManager is a management system that enables companies and public-sector organisations to ensure organisational efficiency, cost savings and employees’ uninterrupted work ability. The system owes its efficiency to automated sickness absence management processes and real-time reporting, as well as practices created by Aino and its customers over a period of almost
20 years.

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