Aino Health Management Oy’s Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy in accordance with Section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/1999)

1. Controller

Name: Aino Health Management Oy (”Aino Health”)
Business ID: 09818239
Contact information: Pitäjänmäentie 14, 4.krs, 00380 Helsinki
Phone: +358 10 323 9500

(hereinafter referred to as ”we” or ”Aino Health”)

2. Contact person for register-related matters

Johannes Verwijnen
Aino Health Management Oy
Pitäjämäentie 14, 4.krs, 00380 Helsinki
Tel: +358 50 573 1020

3. Name of the register

Aino Health Management Oy’s Customer Register
Date of drafting 18.5.2018

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The processing of personal data is based on customer relationship, information, billing and other relevant relationship between Aino Health and customer.

Data in the register can be stored and processed for the following purposes:

  • Identifying a customer and establishing a customer relationship or other contractual relationship
  • Managing, implementing and developing customer relations, customer service and related communications and marketing
  • Producing, providing, implementing, targeting, developing and maintaining Aino Health site and services
  • Marketing of Aino Health’s products and services
  • Collection and processing of customer feedback and satisfaction data
  • Site analysis and statistical purposes
  • And other similar uses

Personal data will be processed within the limits permitted and required by the Personal Data Act.

Personal data may also be processed in other companies belonging to the Aino Health Group according to the Personal Data Act and other applicable legislation and to the extent permitted by it.

Personal data may be used for direct marketing if the customer or user has consented to it or if direct marketing is otherwise permitted by law. Aino Health uses partners to maintain customer and service relationships. Part of the registry information may be transferred to partner servers for technical reasons.

5. Information content of the register

The registry may contain the following information:

  • First name and last name, title, position and contact information in the company, such as email and phone number, and other necessary contact information
  • Client relationship information such as customer feedback, contacts, company or community name, company or community represented by the service user, contact information of the company or community, product and order information
  • Mailing lists (eg newsletters)
  • Information on direct marketing permits and prohibitions
  • Information on the use of services, as well as sales and marketing information
  • Any profiling and interest information that may be provided by the customer or user

Any other information collected with the consent of the customer or the user The data content of the register may vary depending on the client and user, depending on which Aino Health promotions the client used, which events the client attended or what services are being used.

6. Regular sources of information

Registered information is primarily a person’s identity when he / she reports his / her data to the registrar when using a customer event, campaign, webinar or material download or when using the services provided by the registrar. Personal information can be collected and updated from generally available data sources, such as companies’ websites or other public and private registers. The information can be updated from other registrars’ records. Web site traffic and other general Anonymous data are tracked using analytics and cookies or other similar techniques.

7. Ordinary deliveries of information

Third party data may be used for the processing of data, for which data may then be disclosed for legitimate uses in accordance with the applicable personal data law.

Information obtained through this site may be disclosed to:

  • Personal data may be disclosed to the same group of companies as the controller
  • Personal data may be disclosed to service providers participating in the site and our services
  • Aino Health’s other personal registers, such as the Marketing Register, in accordance with and within the limits set by the Data Protection Act

In addition, the data may be disclosed to third parties in a form where individual users can not be identified, which is not personal data.

8. Transfer of data outside the EU or EEA

Customer information may be transferred outside the European Union and the European Economic Area, including the controller’s US service provider in accordance with and within the limits set by the data protection legislation.

9. Principles of registry protection

Use of a customer and user information system is only warranted by employees who have the right to handle user or customer information on their behalf. Each user has their own personal user name and password in the system. Written agreements have been concluded with potential third-party service providers that require confidentiality and protection of data.

10. The right of inspection

According to the Personal Data Act, the data subject has the right to inspect what information relating to him has been deposited in the Aino Health Register or that the Registry does not have information about him. The request for inspection can be made as follows: • A written and signed inspection request is sent to the registrar’s representative at the address shown in section 1 or sent to the registrar’s representative by e-mail. • The inquiry request is presented personally at the address shown in section 1.

11. The time of storage

We keep the information in the customer register for as long as the customer relationship is in force and after this period 12 months.

12. Right to demand correction

If there is an error in the registered data, the registrar may submit a request for correction of the error to the person responsible for the registry in section 2.

13. Other rights related to the processing of personal data

According to Section 30 of the Personal Data Act, a data subject has the right to deny the controller access to data about himself, such as direct mail, distance sales and other direct marketing as well as market and opinion surveys, as well as personal identity and genealogy. In the event of a denial, please contact the representative mentioned in section 2.

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