Aino Health releases HealthManager add-on for exposure checks


Aino Health’s new add-on will help organizations to stay compliant with occupational safety and health regulations. The add-on is a value-added service to the existing SaaS platform HealthManager and keeps track of upcoming exposure checks. When a check-up is needed, the system sends the manager a reminder.

For most of Aino’s customers, especially within the EU, the employer is responsible for making sure that their employees are compliant with several safety and health-related regulations. This could, for example, be eye and hearing exams, health check-ups, lung function when working in dusty environments, but could also be used to make sure that all employees are up to date with new policies, internal regulations, code of conduct, and travel policies, etc.

Exposure checks need to be done on regular basis and depend on rules, age, line of work, etc. and Aino’s new add-on keeps track of what checks that need to be completed and when for each employee. The system notifies the line manager when the deadline for an exposure check is approaching so the employee has enough time to get the check and stay in compliance.

The add-on does not only make it easier for the organization to comply with the local and market-specific regulations for each company, but it also helps the line managers to take good care of their team.

“This is something that our customers have needed for some time, and since we always want to provide the best possible service, I am very proud that our platform now is ready to handle exposure checks. This will make it much easier for them to comply with needed regulations”, says Jukka Räikkönen, CTO Aino Health”.

Several customers have already signed up and will start using the add-on in their operations shortly.

Main features

  • Automatic background reminders
  • Real-time reports of upcoming deadlines for exposure checks
  • Ability to add customer-specific exposures or any other regular events required from employees

If you’d like to know more, book a demo with us here! 

For more information:
Jukka Räikkönen, CTO Aino Health
+358 405 442 068


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